My name is Manuela I have lived on Maui for 35 years. I grew up in Switzerland in a Doctors family. Early on, I assisted as a nurse in my moms practice, her specialty was reconstructive surgery. I left Europe in my early 20’s and embarked on a healing journey. Working through some of my own early childhood wounds and also encountering many more healing modalities that I wanted to work with. In the 80’s I supported people in their end of life journeys and later supported burn victims. I was a Makeup artist specialized in helping them to make them look less scarred in between operations they had to endure.

Later I started to support people more in what it was they wanted to create in life and with a set of tools I worked with hundreds of people accomplishing some of what they wanted to achieve as well as understand more of what their limiting beliefs in regards to their goals were.

Reiki was a constant companion in my life to support people from all walks of life through all of their difficulties.

About a year ago I came into Ashanna & Dana’s Clarity Breathwork. I took their Online training Level 1–5. It has transformed my life in a short time. I am grateful every day to have been guided to take this training. As I also call myself an intuitive healer, this training brought together the missing dots. Using the breath with clients who have experienced trauma, fears of all sorts, and encounter limitations to what could be next for them. I use this medicine of breathing daily with others and myself. Witnessing instant transformations using these powerful tools.

At this time I feel very blessed to offer this powerful work and assist you in your own healing journey and deep transformation into the new.

I am grateful beyond words and I wish you a beautiful safe journey through the healing waters of Clarity Breathwork back to eternal life.

I offer sessions private from home and online. You can contact me via email or phone.
May you feel the healing and safe space you are held in.
May it touch your life the way it touched mine.
With love and deep appreciation.

Client Testimonials

“It was gentle and non confrontational, which is what I loved most.”

“I met Manuela a few weeks after she finished the Clarity Breathwork training. I am so grateful for the sessions she gave me. It assisted me to become clear on how to navigate true a very
Difficult relationship with my husband. I can see that this wil take some time. But I felt held in the space of despair and no hope to find more possibility for new beginnings.

I feel its so much easier to breathe than just talk about my problems. I would love to take her up on taking 10 sessions and see what happens. It was gentle and non confrontational, which is what I loved most. Thank you.”

~ NT Lugano, Switzerland

“…I was able to let go of many limitations in regards to my sick body.”

“When I did my Clarity Breathwork session I was a bit hesitant at first. But I was able to let go of many limitations in regards to my sick body. I was in a lot of pain when we started. The pain is still there but there is more
inside and understanding about the pain and how to release it.

I love that breath can help make me understand how I can transform even more, each time I take a session. Grateful for the time we had together.

~ Tatjana, Los Angeles

“After we did sessions of breathing I feel calmer and I find some more hope.”

“I am a cancer patient and am working with Manuela at the moment in regards to fears that I have that I might not be able to live long enough. I have 2 boys and I want them to know I am there for them. I also experience a lot of pain during times when I have to have operations. Before I go into the Hospital I am very nervous. After we did sessions of breathing I feel calmer and I find some more hope.

Grateful for this work. It seems to help me releasing fears.”

~ MW Hawaii


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