Melanie draws upon her experience as a holistic wellness coach, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, reiki master, meditation guide, and sound healer guiding people to cultivate more self-love, healing and personal awakening. Melanie’s love for life and her ability to see the beauty and essence within people and in the world has been a driving inspiration on her personal and professional journey.

With a background in media production, Melanie shifted her focus from working in advertising to co-founding Ahanah. Ahanah is an online multi-media platform that offers nourishing life-affirming content supporting people to live in passion and purpose. Melanie offers workshops and retreats globally with her husband Jeremy and also supports people with one-on-one transformational coaching and breathwork.

Client Testimonials

“…helping (me) open windows of positive acceptance, humor, healing, and love”

Melanie‘s peace, warmth, and wisdom were the perfect guide, gently opening through the breath, layers that needed nudging, helping open windows of positive acceptance, humor, healing, and love. The breathwork created a surprising sense of levity and wellbeing, that allowed the conversational meditation to weave under Melanie‘s ever so natural intuition, bringing light and love to known and new revelations. I was very appreciative of the experience and highly recommend working with Melanie.”

~ Daniel Vaughan

“…helped me rediscover my own inner strength during the session”

“The two hours breathwork session was very calming and nurturing. I had a tough, demanding week at work, it was the end of Friday, my mind was fatigued and frazzled.

Melanie possesses a very natural, easy and nurturing energy that helps to melt one’s daily armour, which happened immediately as we got started. I experienced not only a profound deep cleansing, but Melanie also helped me rediscover my own inner strength during the session. Melanie held a safe and trusting space where I ended up purging deeply ingrained old stories and beliefs that I wasn’t aware I was storing. I gained valuable insight on new methods of being. There was an amazing vibrating energy and I felt in my whole body from the depths of my stomach to the tips of my fingers. I walked away feeling lighter, more self-assured and a heart full with love. Breathwork is much much more than any words can describe; its an experience to be felt.”

~ Katherine Lee

“I can feel the shifting in my life quite profoundly…”

“Air. Breath. A basic need. And a key to healing that is always here, which Melanie helped awaken the tools where this healing is able to flow. Her deep listening and intuitive guidance was a safe place to unravel. She held me in a nest of light… allowing myself to truly relax into everything that needed to move in my body. Her breathwork approach comes from a divine feminine flow where confronting deep trauma is welcomed with gentle compassion and a light essence..subtle and deep, allowing natural healing to take place. I can feel the shifting in my life quite profoundly and am so grateful for Melanie‘s gifts.”

~ Sandrayati Fay

“…my heart has never felt so full with love and light.”

Melanie has a true gift; after my 2-hour breathwork session I felt like I had been cleansed from the inside – that every single one of my organs had been gently scrubbed; my heart has never felt so full with love and light. The effects have continued and I look forward to my next session. I highly recommend Melanie for anyone looking to heal, grow and connect spiritually. Gifts and miracles await in abundance.”

~ Sara Malakul


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