Michael is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner who delights in passing on the guidance and the support that he lovingly received during genuinely transformational breathwork experiences whilst living in communities in Costa Rica and Thailand.

The Clarity Breathwork Training opened up a number of blocked energy points within his body and released a deep sense of joy and well-being connecting his mind, body, and spirit.

On a path of self healing after being held hostage in 2011 he discovered that most of his traumas had been stored on a cellular level and for him, breathwork not only released the rage but also transformed his physical form as long term injuries sustained during captivity disappeared. For four years he had suffered from a hip tear and two slipped discs after being held in body armour on a hard concrete floor for five days, he had to receive spinal injections to go to work. Breathwork along with TRE opened up his psoas muscle (the ‘fight or flight muscle’) and released the intense stress that had been stored in his body. This was just one of the blockages, a deep opening also took place (and continues to do so) in the third chakra and after every session, he is blessed with a deep energetic release that frees him, grounds him, and sends him out lighter and more creative.

He has no doubt of the incredible benefits of guided breathwork and would love the opportunity to share that with others on an individual basis and facilitate group sessions.

He has been practising meditation and yoga for 20 years and is a passionate student of Kundalini, Vipassana, Boxing, and Jeet June Do.


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