As a Clarity Breathworker, coach, and grandmother, my greatest joy is helping people like you connect with the power of unconditional love.

Harnessing the profound power of the breath in restorative and healing sessions, I hold the space for you to dive deep and  discover the physical and emotional health that is your birthright.

I support leaders and teachers who need a discreet space for their own ongoing inner work; I also welcome people exploring gender identity, sexual healing and limiting beliefs from childhood, as well as anyone who is feeling the call to serious transformation.

In a decades long career as an innovator, executive and leadership coach, I have seen how negative self-talk can suffocate the gifts we each hold inside of us. A series of Clarity Breathwork sessions offers a safe and powerful path to unlocking the love and freedom that is already inside of you.

Sessions with me can also call on my training as a Reiki master, certified hypnotist, and Duke University-certified integrative health coach, as I work to bring together ancient and modern practices for creating a life of peace, joy and love for yourself and others.

If you’re reading this, know you are already in the right place. You are already starting to shed the old stories, the old wounds, the old limitations, and bringing your beautiful gifts into the world. I’d love to talk about how I might be of service to your journey.

My sessions are primarily online via Skype or Zoom; in Chicago and near my home in the Indiana Dunes. Occasional in-person sessions in the Bay Area or New York City are also possible.


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