Blessings and thank you for visiting. I was guided to Clarity Breathwork by a family member in the months following a spiritual awakening where my body’s innate wisdom sought to heal layers of repressed emotions, trauma, and conditioning to allow my soul to live freely through me. On my own healing journey, I have moved from a place of disconnection and illusion towards one of empowerment and clarity—coming to know the incredible healing power of Clarity Breathwork. I have deep gratitude for Dana, Ashanna, and this compassionate, loving community.

Conscious breathing increases awareness and presence, and it continually takes me home to my heart—letting go of illusions of the mind and opening to more love, compassion, forgiveness, and higher states of consciousness. I feel more grounded and energized, as well as more connected with my body, intuition, and Higher Self. I have learned it is safe to trust the wisdom of my body and all that arises. I can love and accept myself, and others, and see our innocence, wholeness, and radiance.

Its greatest gift has been a deeper connection to Source and learning to surrender to and trust the flow of life rather than trying to control myself and the world around me. I am continually humbled and filled with gratitude for the grace of this benevolent Universe of which we are all a part. Beautiful synchronicities and manifestations are unfolding and I am open to miracles and possibilities. Life is more vibrant and joyful, and when challenges arise, I can see them as gifts and approach them with curiosity—moving through them with more ease.

I desire for everyone to know and fully experience the freedom and truth of their being. May we all remember the light that we are. I continue on my own path of healing and transformation, and I would be honored to support you on your unique journey.

I work intuitively and offer sessions online and in person. In addition to being a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I am also a Reiki Master, and am completing certification as a Feminine Embodiment and Empowerment Coach helping sensitive women embody their authentic selves. Multi-passionate by nature (a Human Design Manifesting Generator), I enjoy creating art and digital design and have a background in molecular biology, providing a deep appreciation for the complexities of our physical bodies. I am also passionate about exploring new educational paradigms and have taught physical science in the Peace Corps and chess at my son’s homeschool coop. I support others in connecting to their joy, passion, aliveness, and creativity—seeing and embracing the beauty of life.

Client Testimonials

“I had confidence and didn’t have any fear of the unknown.”

“The breathwork brought about many visualizations for me. I saw bright, vibrant colors moving swiftly. They were flowing, dancing and pulsating in a rhythmic way. It was calm and peaceful, yet invigorating at the same time. The energy was always moving in a forward motion. It even presented a portal to me and, for the first time, I did not hesitate to enter. I had confidence and didn’t have any fear of the unknown. I stepped in knowing that it was there to take me to the next level in reference to sharing my gifts with the world. I felt so loved and supported. 

Here is a poem that came through:
“The step has been taken from dark to light, now go out and shine your light so bright.
There are many waiting to walk the same path, to move out of their sorrowful wrath.
Go speak your truth and be free to fly. 
Fly, fly, fly to the highest of highs.
Start from within for the answers are there, now is the time to go out and share.
It is time to be the beacon of light, now go out and shine your light so bright.”
My intention was to strengthen my connection to my creativity so I can be more open to receiving and sharing my gifts with the world. Thank you.”

~ Cheryl


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