Recovering from a medical accident and reflecting on what is important in his life, Naran embarked on a deconstruction journey to his true self in 2013.

Meditation, energy healing, Zen retreats, emotional healing processes, Breathwork and powerful journeys through the secrets and wisdom of South America and the Amazon were some of the few tools he acquired and embodied on his path.

As a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Master/ Teacher, he is very passionate about sharing these gifts with everyone.

How I found my calling with Clarity Breathwork:

Peeling layer by layer through a variety of processes, Clarity Breathwork showed up in my life unexpectedly during a Detox retreat in Costa Rica as part of the program.

After breathing and releasing for an hour the grief of my mother’s death, the story had taken a completely different meaning in my life, I could see with clarity all the false beliefs attached to the story and I could feel the weight on my body lifting like vapor.

A sense of freedom from the past had nurtured my soul. That same week I had the chance to subscribe to a second session which I did with no hesitation.

Breathing through the memories of a terrible accident I went through in 2008 where I almost lost my life, I discovered that my body had unconsciously stored old unprocessed emotional and physical trauma that I had been dragging along for years impacting my life in multiple ways,

After breathing for more than a week in multiple sessions, unraveling, unlocking, releasing and embracing these burdens, I knew I had to share this awareness and presence that Breathwork had brought into my life.

Finally, I was able to understand many things that I had been questioning for years and a feeling of freedom and liberation filled my body more deeply with each session.

I am passionate about Clarity Breathwork for personal transformation. I have seen this in myself and those who have accompanied me in this process of unlearning and discovering the truth within.

*All sessions are offered in person or via Zoom worldwide in English French and Spanish.

Client Testimonials

“…his support that comes directly from the heart every second.”

“My private 1-to-1 Breathwork Session with Naran was amazing and life-changing. With his wisdom and experience, Naran guided me to accept my deepest emotions and to connect more with my inner truth. You can feel his support that comes directly from the heart every second. If you are searching for a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner that is able to guide you on your spiritual and personal growth path, here is your man!”

~ Daniel

“…I finally let go of some of my emotions.”

“At first I was a bit anxious about the Breathwork session, but Naran put me at ease and it was a great experience where I finally let go of some of my emotions. After the breathwork I felt more calm and that weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I highly recommend everybody to try a Clarity Breathwork session to see for themselves.”

~ Stephane

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