I like to think that breathwork found me. My north star in life that everything else has revolved around has been consciousness, spirituality, and healing. I have been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. I have studied energy healing and many spiritual modalities, both for my own healing and transformation and supporting others in their journey. When I found Clarity Breathwork, I saw that it was as powerful of a modality as entheogenic practices, and in some ways more accelerated than psychotherapy and meditation practices. I knew I wanted to weave this into my life’s work of helping people in their own deep transformations and unfoldment after experiencing my own. It has felt like a natural extension of all the practices and parts of my life work that have preceded it. What I have witnessed has been incredibly fulfilling and reinforces every time the power of the breath. It is one of the most powerful medicines available to us. It can bring us home to ourselves- to fully embody and love who we are, in our wholeness. Through Clarity Breathwork, we can discover our Wounded Healer- both the inner wounded parts that need our attention and the inner healer who holds all the wisdom and love we need. I currently facilitate online groups and offer online individual sessions, and look forward to a post-covid world where in person sessions can again take place.

Client Testimonials

“I felt she intuitively knew when to hold silence, verbal guidance, and when to ask”

“Nasima was highly skilled at holding a safe space for this deep work. Her awareness, skill and timing in facilitation were highly effective. I felt she intuitively knew when to hold silence, verbal guidance, and when to ask poignant questions to deepen the experience. It was Divinely timed and Divinely connected.”


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