Welcome to Clarity Breathwork!

Welcome participants of Alistair Hawkes’
The Next Steps Summit Virtual Event!

We are Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris, the founders of Clarity Breathwork, a powerful modality that uses your breath to activate your true potential.

We would like to offer you a FREE GIFT for being a part of the series, “Initiation: Living Your Highest Purpose” from our Mantras and Meditations audio series. In this digital download we call upon the Divine Mother as Ananda Ma, Mother of Bliss & Peace. She blesses, heals, renews, restores & uplifts all Beings. Together we realize our full potential, awaken our true gifts & empower ourselves to step into our greater role as Healers, Teachers & Leaders.

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Dana Dharma Devi

Ashanna Solaris