Nichola Is a qualified Clarity Breathwork facilitator, a certified IIN Health Coach & Reiki practitioner and is deeply passionate about inspiring others to live their best life through practices of self-love.

Nichola knows first hand that Breathwork is one of the very best tools to achieve this.

Nichola started working in the holistic health world 25 years ago as a fitness coach at a multi-award winning holistic health resort; The Body Holiday in St Lucia, West Indies, after an injury ended her professional dance career. It was there that her curiosity to understand more about the healing path and how to live in abundant health deepened.

Since then Nichola has travelled extensively to study and train in many different healing modalities including Vinyassa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Shiva Rea in Costa Rica. It was there that Nichola met extraordinary teachers Dana and Ashanna Co-Founders of Clarity Breathwork at a time in her life when she was in need of her own healing. After an extremely challenging divorce, Nichola was suffering from post-traumatic stress and anxiety which resulted in her waking through many nights in a panic and gasping for breath as she was barely breathing. This sent her on a quest to heal and after Nichola experienced some major personal breakthroughs and shifts in the Level 1 & 2 workshops, she decided to complete the Clarity Breathwork trainings in Costa Rica and Ibiza so that she could share these transformative teachings that had helped to change her life for the better, with others.

Nichola feels blessed to offer the powerful medicine of Clarity Breathwork which she also combines with her other teachings to create a nurturing, supportive and safe space to allow whatever needs to come through in the treatment.

Nichola regularly attends other types of holistic and wellbeing workshops for her own personal development and views this as an essential part of her life to remain in balance and expand awareness and continues to return annually to Central America for further studies at various health and spiritual development centres.

Nichola currently resides in Sussex, England and offers private 1-1 sessions, workshops and residencies as well as collaborating with other health facilitators on world-wide retreats.

She loves living a healthful life, being in nature, making music, singing and attending regular dance and conscious gatherings with friends, and time spent with her teenage daughter.

Please contact Nichola who will be very happy to help you.

Client Testimonials

“I would trust her to hold a deep and safe space of healing for her clients and groups.”

“We are blessed to have a practitioner like Nichola who brings such an incredible presence of love, nurturing, insight and healing to her clients and private session work. I would trust her to hold a deep and safe space of healing for her clients and groups.”

~ Ashanna Solaris

“The session was the most relaxed I have felt in ages…”

“Nichola is a really natural and confident facilitator. Her words flowed and helped to carry me on my way. Nichola gently coaxed me back into deeper breathing when I drifted off. It was the most relaxed I have felt in ages and I feel very calm now….many thanks!”

~ Debs White-Cooper

“I felt the strength to work with my intentions and let go.”

“Nichola, what a wonderful experience and I’m thrilled to have had my first Clarity Breathwork experience with you! I loved the way you set-up the session. The cleansing and intention-setting exercise that we did before breathing gave me a chance to channel my breath. It gave me a purpose to work through the weight I have carried from life’s experiences. I tried to imagine I was listening to my breath as I would the waves on the shore, as you had guided us to. From that place of peace and cleansing, I felt the strength to work with my intentions and let go. You had chosen the music so cleverly to guide us through the cleansing and then almost like a rebirthing onto intentions.

Such a powerful session! Thank you.”

~ Janaki Prosdocimi

“Nichola kept guiding me through the process.”

“Nichola, thank you so much for teaching me about Clarity Breathwork. I am calm still now at nearly 9 pm! It was hard for me to maintain the constant breath flow at times but you kept guiding me through it. I look forward to understanding more about it with you.”
~ Naima Belkhiati

“I received so much Clarity and you took me to a deep place…”

“I loved the healing! You did an amazing job holding space for the group on Zoom from different locations, when you couldn’t see our faces properly. I received so much Clarity and you took me to a deep place and all I can say is a massive thank you.”
~ Carol Weatherall


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