A Karma Guide, Nid supports busy, often professional, people who are tired, feel uninspired, and sometimes lost, to get clear, revitalised, and confident about their life with nurturing, pragmatic tools and kind strategies.

She holds regular online Clarity Breathwork ceremonies, yoga nidra, and Purity Body Release (somatic-emotional-fascia) sessions alongside live talks and her free recordings to a global audience.

In 2021, Nid received international acclaim for her yoga nidra practices and videos of fun simple self-care tips by Forks Over Knives. Nid’s 20 years of multidisciplinary training combined with her former legal career, enables her to provide a unique approach and understanding to uplift and empower others to live their best life.

“I discovered Clarity Breathwork following years of healing from a brain injury. I had rebuilt a wonderful life yet had severe nightmares. Clarity Breathwork supported me to truly embrace the shadows, celebrate my power, and deepened my reverence for life. Every breath is a moment to peel back a layer of perspective and be reborn, now the only question I ask myself is “How much more love can I be in this world?” I offer this to all my clients”.

Nid’s certifications include:


Client Testimonials

“Her ability to feel and see me beyond what I could see helped me to heal…”

“I think Breathwork is an amazing experience but the way Nid supported me is what makes it possible – it was the way that I needed it. Her ability to feel and see me beyond what I could see helped me to heal some of my most challenging childhood traumas in our sessions. I was so scared to go back there but her presence and proficiency empowered me and gave me strength. Nid was so in tune with what I was going through and made me feel so cared and loved. ”

~ Zahra

“…this benefit cannot be emphasised enough”

“I came to Nid with unresolved sorrow, grief and ‘shame’. Kudos, unbelievably profound: Forgiveness of self and others, and acceptance. I cried like a baby and let it all out. Thank you Nid for holding the space so I could shift so radically to being at peace. Energy flooded all around my body, like standing under a waterfall. I guided this energy to old injury sites and felt the pain vanish. After 18 years of chronic pain, this benefit cannot be emphasised enough.”

~ James

“…her work is informative and inspirational.”

“Nid creates a very warm and welcoming environment in her Clarity Breathwork sessions. She is a wonderful person who genuinely wants the best for her clients, her work is informative and inspirational. Breathwork has allowed healing to happen, each session has left me with valuable information and things to work on. It has been an uplifting experience, you will not regret trying it.”

~ Kathryn K

“…she allowed me to see my life from a different perspective.”

“Nid held space for me to be accountable for my negative thought patterns and she allowed me to see my life from a different perspective. It gave me more confidence, allowed me to work on some long-standing negative thought patterns and allowed me to see how far I’ve come in my journey, rather than seeing everything as a struggle.”

~ Anita

“Nid has held a safe space for me to feel vulnerable…”

“Nid has held a safe space for me to feel vulnerable, allowing me to express myself with no filter, and bearing no judgement. She has the ability to consider what is being discussed and offer a neutral yet honest perspective, like shaking a snow globe and watching the snow settle.”

~ Nadine


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