Come with me on a journey deep into YOURSELF which ONLY you can heal. Let’s RELEASE the trauma that has “frozen itself” inside of your very cells, tissue and muscle. The body (your physiology) remembers everything! It becomes “trapped or frozen” inside screaming to be released, to be SEEN and cleared out. There is a wisdom in this trauma to protect you, but NOW IT IS TIME TO LET IT GO. It no longer serves you or anybody else. 

All roads led me here. My name is Niki King and I have been a practicing Registered Nurse, Nursing Supervisor and Hospice nurse for over 25 years, as well as a member of AHNH (American Holistic Nurses Association).

At the same  time, I was also a Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker and International Retreat Leader. Trust me, I know ALL ABOUT THE TOLL it takes in our bodies and our psyche to push the demons down (childhood abuses, current relationships, social injustice/betrayal) while living a workaholic lifestyle raising kids, running teams and more…I witnessed so many people suffering incredible HIDDEN pain. Yet, these people ALSO KNEW they too had a calling to help humanity. Many were EMPATHS taking on other’s pain as a way of not understanding it was THEIR own pains that were crying out. 

 Most of those same people worked in helping professions that others look to in times of need; such as Healthcare Providers, Real Estate and Leadership Roles…yet were unconsciously acting out traumas, being the problem vs. the solution, struggling to suppress/push down what was screaming to come up to heal. Suppression through substances and behaviours becomes the norm…which keeps the cycle going. DEEP INHALE…slow exhale

I felt CALLED to help others find the RELIEF, PEACE AND PURPOSE that I have found with Clarity Breathwork. It does NOT have to take years, it can happen in just “A Breath” a mindset or a perception change. If you have found me here, it may just be “YOUR time” 


I care deeply… and there are millions of us waiting on YOUR PERSONAL HEALING so that YOU TOO can BE the Change humanity is crying out for. Let’s put the pieces back in place where they resonate highest to YOU LIVING YOUR HIGHEST CALLING… back in Unity with yourself. In waves of highest vibrational Love…

Client Testimonials

“Such a compassionate and intuitive soul guiding my journey of breath…”

“I am writing today on behalf of Niki to just say what an unbelievable Clarity Breathwork session I had with her. It was so transformative and healing. Such a compassionate and intuitive soul guiding my journey of breath, and holding a sacred space. I highly recommend her for anyone diving in for a Clarity Breathwork session.”

~ Katelyn Brown, Realtor

“…Niki helped me connect to my inner wisdom and clarify what I needed…”

“My Clarity Breathwork session with Niki was a transformative experience. She skillfully guided me into the session, making me feel very comfortable with the Clarity Breathwork technique. She has a caring and professional manner that helped me connect to my inner wisdom and clarify what I needed for my personal healing. Thank you Niki for facilitating such a powerful breathwork session for me.”

~ Reverend Jennifer Starr, Vancouver BC

“…helped me bring into completion a heavy chapter of my life…”

“Niki’s heartfelt sincerity, intuitive guidance has helped me bring into completion a heavy chapter of my life, after only one Clarity Breathwork session. Her own life story, her qualities and her will to help makes her an amazing breathwork facilitator. I will definitely recommend her!”

~ Claudia Ikal, Columbia – Mexico

“…I feel so much clarity in my path and purpose!”

“Niki is absolutely incredible at what she does! After doing Clarity Breathwork sessions with Niki I feel so much clarity in my path and purpose! I feel confident to pursue my dreams and step into the healer that I am. As someone with a nursing background myself it was so nice to feel loved and held by Niki! You can feel her grace and passion through the screen. She is totally meant to do this work and she quite literally is heaven on earth! Thank you so so much Niki! I will never forget the work you have done for me and with me.”
~ Kelsey Acorn, Reiki Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach

“I could feel Niki’s compassion holding me…”

“I had the opportunity to do Clarity Breathwork with Niki and it was a very powerful session. I was able to release discomfort of past trauma and understand it differently. I could feel Niki’s compassion holding me in the depths of my being. Thank you Niki so much!”
~ Naran Breathwork facilitator & Meditation guide. Montreal – Mexico

“(A) session with Niki was like being held in the loving arms of the Mother.”

“Doing a Clarity Breathwork session with Niki was like being held in the loving arms of the Mother. And even though we did it virtually, on Zoom, it still felt as if I was being held tenderly, by one who truly saw me and knew me. This was a new experience for me and it was profoundly healing. I have so much gratitude for her gentle holding, and for the Clarity Breathwork process. I recommend that you seek out Niki to do your own process, you will be glad you did, because there is healing available to you, more than you can imagine.”
~ Susan Bickel, MA, Psychotherapist

“She brings every person she works with, including me, to a higher level of health and wellbeing.”

“Niki King is one of those spirit-led nurses. Being a true nurse is something I believe you are born into. Yes, you can go to school to learn the technical aspects, but to be a healer of the body, mind and spirit, a caretaker, a nurturer – that is part of one’s being. I have trained and worked with hundreds of nurses in my 30 years of the nursing profession and I can tell the difference between someone who is just doing a good job and someone who is spirit and mission driven. Niki King, RN is one of these spirit lead nurses. How do I know? Because her every thought and action she has is to take care of those who can’t step up for themselves, to help other nurses and caregivers strive in their profession, to make sure the important needs of patient’s don’t slip through the cracks. She brings every person she works with, including me, to a higher level of health and wellbeing. She does this purposefully and without hesitation – it is her life’s purpose. Now her offerings of Breathwork are going to be the pathway of healing for so many who are here to help others. That is a true nurse.”
~ Catherine Johnston, RN, BSN, PHN and CEO Act Home Health


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