Clarity Breathwork

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Breathe to Breakthrough!

How to Thrive and Change the World with Clarity Breathwork

June 17, 2023
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM
California Pacific Time

Join us to learn about how Breathwork is one of the fastest growing transformational growth processes on the planet. It’s a healing paradigm that can help you shift your life at the deepest levels and support others to do the same.

LOVE from our participants

“So grateful for this space. In the fullness of breath is the heartbeat of change. Ashanna & Dana thank you for being vessels & midwives of healing & light. So much love to you, and all that have gathered here!”
~ Kailey

“Thank you for helping me. This was truly so amazing. I really felt you in the room with me. I know I am here to be of service, & I thank you for helping me to stay strong, so I can keep showing up. Thank you for the healing!”
~ Dahlia

“Thank you for a beautiful breath session! Took me deeper into myself and self love. Love you,”
~ Shankar

Personal Healing Programs

For Women in Transition Ready to Birth into a More Authentic Life


Chrysalis: Women’s Rite of Passage
3-Month Mentorship Journey

Starts June 19, Summer Solstice

Personal Healing Programs

Use the Power of Your Breath to Liberate Your Potential


Level 1 Sacred Breath & Embodiment

Join us for an empowering, healing experience with Clarity Breathwork sessions, sacred music, kirtan, light body meditations, healing process, and movement to transform yourself and your life.


Life Changing 9 Day Level 2 Healing Retreat taught to thousands of people over 30+ Years

Online Level 2: Breathwork Healing Intensive

Live Online October 2023 or
Video Course Available Now

Are you ready to come home to yourself and make profound shifts in your life? Dive deeper into your own healing and spiritual growth journey? Free your energy from your past? Open your heart to greater self love and more loving relationships? Join us for a deep dive of personal healing and transformation.

LOVE from our participants in Level 2

“I feel that I am now choosing life, rather than life choosing me.”

“Wow! I feel tears coming to my eyes just thinking about this journey with you. You are such amazing teachers and space holders. I felt such love, care and compassion. For me this journey has helped me unpeel another deep layer. I feel that I am now choosing life, rather than life choosing me. I feel I can relax and surrender rather than struggle and do. I have also realised that I have chosen this life for the evolving of consciousness and that my beliefs are choices I made, not because of what my parents or others said or did.”
~ Lisa G.

“Ashanna & Dana…have created 2 weeks of magic with this online level 2 course.”

“Ashanna & Dana are two incredible women and true inspirations – divinely feminine, soft and strong at the same time. They have created 2 weeks of magic with this online level 2 course. I loved the fact of being able to have this very profound experience in my home and integrate the new gained clarity and lightness into my daily life. I am endlessly grateful and can’t wait for Level 3/4.”
~ Anita

More LOVE from our participants

“THIS WORK IS AMAZING! I appreciated ALL of it. The Deep Dive, pre/perinatal work, inner child, grounding meditations, ecstatic dance, live music, chanting, and especially the breathwork-pranayama, sacred space. Thank you Ashanna and Dana for your depth and light, and your abilities to hold such a powerful container for us all to deep dive.”
~ Alistair Hawkes

“I just love these Zoom breathwork sessions. I never imagined it would be as powerful as when we meet in groups I really felt so connected with all these breathers in the world. It was almost more powerful! Feeling this vibrant connection in my whole body.”
~ Noemi

Are you feeling the call to become a Breathwork Practitioner?


Level 3/4 Clarity Breathwork Practitioner Training

Starts December 1st

The Practitioner Training Intensive is part of our truly life changing program for both personal healing and becoming a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.The Practitioner Training is designed for those intending to become Clarity Breathwork Practitioners or to add Clarity Breathwork to an existing healing practice.

Are you ready to dive deeper into your personal growth journey while learning an incredible healing modality to support others?

Your Complete Breathwork Journey Starts Here

Online Professional Clarity Breathwork Certification Program Levels 1–5

We are honored to share with you the incredible body of work we created over 70 years combined that has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and have miraculous breakthroughs and grow thriving careers.