Our Team Behind Clarity Breathwork

We have been building the Clarity Breathwork organization for over 40 years now and the one thing we cannot do without is our fabulous team. These are the people behind the scenes keeping the website up to date, making sure you have all the Clarity Breathwork tools you need delivered to you efficiently and seamlessly, and that you have all the support you need to keep you on time for classes and workshops.

These are the proud, behind-the-scenes team members at Clarity Breathwork

Geej Mauriva

Web and Technical Guru

Geej Mauriva is the master behind the technical and website controls at Clarity Breathwork. Geej has been building beautiful, expansive and integrated website solutions for 20 years. He is known for understanding not only the build and design of websites but also the solutions to integrate websites into the surrounding technical infrastructure and environments.

Geej loves working with teachers, healers and coaches