Raquel Otis, Mentor in Movement

Are you ready to breathe differently?

Try this experiment –

Breathe in, then hold your breath for a few seconds and notice how you start to feel and what you start to think.

How did that go?

Poor Posture. Stress. Just a couple of things that you can experience, and not realize how much they affect your breathing and tax your body.

Pain. Fatigue. Anxiety. Fear. Just a few things that can be alleviated with your focused attention on how you breathe.

Raquel Otis is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, who weaves in yoga, somatic movement, and self myofascial release.

For over 20 years Raquel has helped her clients think outside the pillbox so that they feel more freedom from aches and pains, that way they can live a healthier and happier life. She gently invites her clients to guide their own breath and access their own sensory awareness to reach the furthest and darkest corners of their physical and emotional body.

Clarity Breathwork is designed to help you better understand and experience the power of your breath, in an effort to understand yourself and your life experiences from a gentler and more present point of view.

Raquel offers 1:1, couple, and group sessions online.

You are cordially invited to breathe differently! ❤️


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