I feel most alive when I witness the shifts that happen in my clients from when they walk in and when they walk out! The transformation that occurs from lower energies to a higher vibration, like openness, possibility, and purpose, brings me great joy.

I have always had people want to share their lives with me — their challenges, disappointments and dreams — ever since I was a child. From a very young age I’ve had a lot of responsibility. I’m a healer and a teacher, and this purpose has been with me for my whole life. I come from a lineage of wise women.

Even though I thought differently from those around me as I was growing up, I did my best to do what was expected of me. I got married, had children, and supported my husband in his business.

But then at the age of 35, my whole world changed. Even though I was in a prosperous, loving marriage I knew I couldn’t go on as I had been. I wasn’t comfortable any longer in this traditional life.

I started going within, first studying anthroposophy, therapeutic arts, yoga, and Qi Gong, and also studying many spiritual teachers and healers like Gangaji, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss and Jack Kornfield. This showed me that everyone in my life is my teacher — my parents, my friends, my husband, my children — everyone.

That’s when I stopped questioning my own sanity because I discovered that what I had always felt and believed was in alignment with these great teachers! This was very affirming and liberating for me, especially since the environment I was living in was very different from this. This experience created support for my beliefs and gave me permission to move forward.

My challenging marriage transformed into a peaceful separation including ongoing support for our children. Through chronic fatigue I found stillness. From that other things started arising and my life has been unfolding beautifully ever since.

I became a yoga teacher, therapeutic arts facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Biographical Counselor, and Clarity Breathwork® Practitioner. I’ve worked with past live regression, birth and early childhood trauma, spiritual development and evolution, energy clearing and health, and physical vitality.

I have been working with clients for almost 15 years now. This has been my ongoing passion and purpose. I truly love to support my clients to heal, and to develop their relationship with the Divine. I see this everyday, and I invite you to speak with me if what I am sharing speaks to you. I would love to support you, too.

Client Testimonials

“…I am kinder to myself, and sense my surroundings more positively.”

“When I first began working with Renata, I had a heaviness within me that was indescribable. Situations would occur in my life, only to have me react with intense emotion that at times, was completely exhausting and debilitating.

Renata intuitively has directed me to the sources of my distress through my work with her. She has a remarkable ability to direct my awareness to areas in my life that were blocking me from moving forward without fear, doubt or regret.

Renata is a solid teacher who walks the talk. She is skilled, well experienced, yet empathetic and respectful. Renata does not peel the layers of my life to look within me, she has led and taught me to do that for myself – this has brought me to profound self-discovery.

What Renata does, is pass a gift of calm, awareness and peace to her clients. As a result, I belly laugh often, have solid friendships, I am kinder to myself, and sense my surroundings more positively. This is reflected in both my personal and professional life.

I no longer feel a burden within. I now look forward to new adventures and treat disappointments as opportunities. I continue my work with Renata, and I am very appreciative and thankful for her generous gifts in coaching me how to understand and honor myself, resulting in healthfulness that is meant to be.”

~ Olga

“…an enormous amount of peace and acceptance washed over my wounded soul.”

“ Working with Renata has been a blessing. Her dedication as a coach has transformed me in all aspects of my life.

I started working with her because I couldn’t take it any more. I was deeply lost in my own dark shadows. Life was endless misery. Pure hopelessness. Failure after failure, an infinite loop that would begin and end in disappointment, until I found her.

After a few weeks of working with her an enormous amount of peace and acceptance washed over my wounded soul. I began to see, accept and love myself for who I am.

Words can not express how grateful I am for her determination in my healing process as I gave up on myself several times but she didn’t. She persistently kept pushing me to get through the thick wall of hatred, rage, shame, sorrow and fear that I had built around myself over the years. She taught me tools to deal with self-sabotage and, long ingrained negative beliefs.

Now with so much growth and powerful transformation in my life, I’m at peace, I finally can trust myself and, I can make life changing decisions with decisiveness and confidence. And Icannot wait for all that is to unfold on the next chapter of my life.

I will be for ever grateful.”

~ Maryam Milani PhD.


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