About Ryoko Suzuki, MS, C.Hyp, RTT, LMT, CSY:
Ryoko (“Lyo-ko”) is the founder of the celebrated Align Your Spine, Align Your Life program. She specializes in unique spine-centric embodied therapies, Breathwork, and the application of therapeutic grade essential oils to align your spine both physiologically and energetically. Ryoko is a gifted and skillful Holistic Therapist and Transformational Coach, Certified Vichara Therapist, Certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist (RTT®), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified David Elliott Healer & Breathwork Facilitator, and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

In her early twenties, Ryoko suffered from IBS and experienced firsthand how stress can manifest as a physical illness. Vigorous, athletic yoga and pilates practices were actually worsening her symptoms. Her body was even numb due to all the accumulated tension. This was her awakening call to listen to her own body and be kind and gentle to herself – honoring her own Self. Discovering the power of breath was a big part of her healing.

Ryoko is a lifetime spiritual seeker who has been exploring the inner realms of Consciousness under the guidance of her many incredible teachers (including her own mother). In addition to being a long-term meditator (for 20+ years) and a Certified Meditation Teacher, Ryoko will hold safe and sacred space for your powerful transformation. With Ryoko’s presence (and her SMILE), you will discover EASE in your session… you will be able to easily and effortlessly connect to your amazing innate wisdom within you and your inner ability to heal. Experiencing self-love is the key to healing.

Ryoko’s approach to bridging her extensive background in Western medicine and Eastern healing modalities makes her Clarity Breathwork, healing, and coaching sessions very unique, powerful, safe, and effective. Ryoko provides you with simple, yet powerful self-care follow-up tools that you can start implementing at home to empower you in your own healing journey. These follow-ups, using a full spectrum approach for multidimensional openings (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), are imperative in her successful healing practice.

Ryoko is passionate about sharing natural remedies and healing tools with you and guiding you to listen to your own body… Now, as a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, she is excited to be on this collective movement to bring more healing, love, and peace to the world!

Let’s LISTEN, BE and be THE LIGHT!

“Come join us on this incredible journey of healing, transformation, and Self-discovery.”

Ryoko lives in Nashville, TN, and spends a few months of a year in Japan (In her hometown, Aizu). She is available for both in-person and Zoom sessions worldwide. To find out the many benefits of Ryoko’s healing sessions, group classes, and coaching sessions, please visit: www.RyokoSuzuki.com

Client Testimonials

“The practice reached deep into the subconscious mind and allowed me to feel and release intense emotions.”

“Ryoko’s Full Moon Breathwork Journey was a powerful spiritual experience and emotional release. The practice reached deep into the subconscious mind and allowed me to feel and release intense emotions that I didn’t even realize I was holding onto. As Ryoko led us back to the present moment, I felt a sense of relief, awareness, and deeply grounded in myself. The weight and physical tension in my body were gone. Throughout the whole journey, I felt supported and validated by Ryoko. In the days after this, I was able to carry this experience with me to continue feeling better.”

~ Anthony Soscia, 2023

“The practice is AMAZING and has had IMMEDIATE and UNDENIABLE benefits.”

“After my first virtual breathwork healing session with Ryoko, I find I’m more centered in my body and mind, my spine and limbs are in better alignment, I feel more spiritually connected, and my mood improves to the point where I feel great, seem more optimistic and productive, my thoughts and actions are instinctively slowed down, more focused, and I’ve also observed that there’s little to no mental fight about what I’m doing. I’ve made better choices without effort, and I even had some existential answers come to me just like mail dropped into a mailbox. Incredible! Those are really impressive results after only a few days and such a short investment of time and effort. So, yes, I’m truly WOWED by the power of this method!
I’ve had years of experience in many other approaches — Yet NONE had the immediacy, power, and broad benefit (body, mind, spirit) as the simple practice Ryoko has introduced to me. I want to add that the skills she “personally” provide are clearly the art of a great healer! Ryoko‘s comments, questions, and position corrections have reverberated through me over the weekend. Even during my sessions with her, I could see that Ryoko has an incisive perception like a (loving) surgeon’s knife. Sometimes we need such a cut to see what’s inside! Thank you SO much for these contributions that could only come from her tremendous experience and her keen gift of intuition.

~ Ever grateful, Dana

Ryoko is a game changer – Power of Vichara & Breathing!​”

“I am a mother of 5 and I have lost myself. The crazy, raging, anxiety-ridden person I had become was not who I wanted to be. I had been to my Dr. who told me it was postpartum anxiety. He told me to take “this” drug for depression and “that” drug for anxiety. I was not willing to put these drugs in my body if I could help it, so there goes my researching for a better way. And there she was, Ryoko!

The first visit was all about breathing… I was introduced to Ryoko’s Healing Breathing practice. When I left my first session with Ryoko, I felt as if an immense pressure, which I didn’t even realize I had, was lifted. In the next session, Ryoko guided me through “Vichara Therapy” and “Easy breathing” practice (a mix of some sound guidance along with breathing). I noticed I was breathing with just the top half of my lungs, and Ryoko has taught me to use all of my lungs.

I noticed that my relationship with my daughter was growing stronger. My husband and mom noticed I now spoke in a way of kindness and a sense of security. I found out that when you lose yourself, everyone loses. Ryoko is a game changer. I am beyond amazed by her and will be forever grateful!”

~ Crystal


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