Hello from my spirit to your spirit!

My name is Samadarshana, which means seeing with equal eyes, all living beings in God and God in all living beings.
Practicing this principal is my personal path as you have yours. On our path we have lessons to learn, joys to feel, friends to gain, and challenges to overcome. And there are tools that help us. Clarity Breathwork is one of my favorite tools. Because it is simple, it requires only me, my attention, time, intention, and breath to do beauty: heal traumas, change my perspective, and change my life. Because it is powerful: in only one session I can change my behavior in a triggering situation, forgive someone I was angry with for years, and more.

I find Clarity Breathwork to be universal and a helpful tool for everybody that wants to heal or just experience happiness 🙂

Working with my clients I have witnessed beautiful shifts happening. And I find great joy in serving this beautiful change.

No matter what your journey and goal is, I want to meet you where you are and be by your side, support you in your journey, and in your work, providing my presence, compassion, and experience.

Besides Clarity Breathwork I practice massage therapy since 2014. I do like to help my clients to get aware of the emotional component that is associated with the problem area. It helps to heal. And I find Clarity Breathwork being a good tandem for my massage practice.

If you want to work with me whether Clarity Breathwork will be the main accent in your healing or it will be a part of a complex, please contact me. You can find my contact information below. I will be happy to support you and share my gifts and knowledge with you.

“self-love is a sincere
acceptance of the past,
an agreement to make
the most of the present,
and a willingness to allow
the best to occur in the future”
― Yung Pueblo, Inward


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