Sarah Garcia has been working with Parents/Primary caregivers and their children since 2011. Over the years Sarah has worked with CPS cases, foster parents, single parents, battered women, parents recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, refugees, grandparents, and parents of children with disabilities. The one thing these families all had in common was high stress in their daily lives. Sarah works with the Parent / Primary caregiver as a coach in creating secure emotional bonds and connections between the Parent/ Primary caregiver, and child dynamic.

Over the years Sarah noticed a lack of emotional support for these families when dealing with their traumas. She found that most of the support offered in her community involved talk therapy as the resource for the families she served. She wanted to offer more healing to the community from their traumas on a deeper level. Seeing this dynamic stirred Sarah to seek alternative healing modalities that could reach her community on a deeper level. She discovered that Breathwork is a somatic practice that goes deep into the cells and offers relief on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Sarah decided to begin working with Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris Founders of Clarity Breathwork, in 2021 to become a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. Sarah has completed their levels 1-5 training.

Sarah has such a heart and passion for healing, especially in regard to healing the family unit. She gave birth to her daughter in 2000 and spent most of those years parenting, as a single parent. Sarah had a limited support system throughout those years and learned firsthand the value and necessity of having a village to raise a child and what a lack of a village looks like and the damaging potentials that can play out because of it.

Sarah has found this practice of Clarity Breathwork to be deeply profound for herself. She has been able to confront and heal some of her own traumas and fears by working with her breath.

Client Testimonials

“I felt that the work I did with her was incredible and very important for my own evolution and my process.”

Sarah was amazingly caring she guided me beautifully. She was mindful and attentive. We established a very beautiful relationship which grew more and more. I felt that the work I did with her was incredible and very important for my own evolution and my process. I surely recommend her work entirely.”

~ Monika Bravo, Artist

“Yesterday’s session changed something in me.”

“Today has been a great day! Yesterday’s session changed something in me. I wasn’t easily triggered today!​”

~ Vicky Serrato


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