Sati is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and passionately shares this work in a safe, gentle and loving way through individual sessions and assisting in Breathwork groups.

The Clarity Breathwork Training and the breath sessions did influence Sati’s life profoundly. Sati touched hidden and surprising places within her and reconnected with the essence of her being through forgiveness and acceptance, this brought to her a deep healing and peace. In the Clarity Breathwork she found a tool that shines the light and brings awareness and clarity on our deepest beliefs that we carry within us and that do influence our present life and relationships. In her practice she gives a loving support for deep and yet gentle experience of power of the breath as a healing life force for our soul, body and mind.

Sati was born in Czech republic where she graduated in University and received MA in History of Performing Arts. Her path of healing and meditation started in 1993. She studied Drama Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Biodynamic Therapy, Reflexoloxy, Intuitive Massage and Counseling. Sati is trained as a Gurdjieff Sacred Movements teacher and meditation leader. She has also held groups and classes in the movement and meditation field for the last 10 plus years in both Europe and in PachaMama, Costa Rica. She participates herself regularly in Vipassana and awareness groups, silent retreats and shamanic healing work. In recent years she qualified in UK as a professional care worker and as a Birth and Postnatal Doula (Paramana Doula & Doula UK).

Currently she lives in UK in North Staffordshire where she shares individual Clarity Breathwork sessions and guiding breathing circles.


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