My mission and my passion on this planet is to be of service to the awakening of humanity and the expansion of human consciousness so that we may all remember that everything we have ever needed already exists within us. There are so many practices and disciplines that help us heal trauma, limiting beliefs and conditioning, and ultimately point us back to the Highest Truth, that we are Eternal Source Energy Beings having a spiritual experience on the human end of the energy spectrum. As a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Codes Facilitator & Quantum Healer, and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I have had the pleasure of guiding others back home to themselves so they may enjoy and consciously participate in the unfolding that takes place in this life with love, joy, and ease. Breathwork has been an integral part of my own healing and offerings over the years as it is the closest and most tangible experience that we can all have of the flow of spirit, life force energy, within this body.

My first experience with Clarity Breathwork years ago offered, in one session, an immediate, gentle, and holistic healing of past trauma for me. The shift I experienced in my body and mind was one of acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. My continued work with these natural and gentle techniques continues to offer insight, awareness, and embodiment of my True Nature.

I am elated to offer this Clarity Breathwork to my clients. Working with me, you will experience a safe and loving container to breathe, feel and heal. I know if you are reading this, you have felt the call to do the work and step into the sacredness that is meant for you in this lifetime.


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