Sina supports people on their path to personal freedom. She is a Certified Clarity Breathworker, trained in Compassionate Inquiry (by Dr. Gabor Maté), and works with Shamanic techniques. With groundedness and compassion, she holds the space in which you can feel your feelings, (re-)connect with your body, and discover your truth. Based on her own inspiring journey of trauma healing and change, Sina helps you to find in yourself the courage and energy to go for your own transformation.

Sina bridges worlds that are often seen as separate: not only does she embody Toltec and Shamanic teachings in her everyday life, she also holds a Ph.D. in sociology and has several years of experience in empirical research. She used to work and teach at several German universities (e.g. FU Berlin and TU Berlin) and has working and living experience in Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Scotland, Mexico, and Germany.

Drawing on this interdisciplinary education and life experience, her strong intuition, and her connection to nature, Sina helps you leave past experiences behind, and find more clarity, self-love, and freedom. Her approach is holistic, tending with gentleness and wisdom to body and mind, emotion and reason alike.

Sina works online and in person; at the moment, Sina is living in Berlin, Germany, and Madeira, Portugal. She offers one-on-one and group sessions in English and German and speaks Arabic, French, and Spanish.


Client Testimonials

“Thanks Sina for offering this opportunity to explore and for holding the space in such a warm and loving way.”

“Clarity Breathwork has been the starting point of a most profound journey of discovery for me. It allowed me to become aware of emotions and (thought) patterns I’ve been stuck with for a long time;
To get out of my head and into feeling and deeply understanding. I feel more connected to myself – and others, more accepting and more open to life.

Thanks Sina for offering this opportunity to explore and for holding the space in such a warm and loving way..”

~ Liesa, Germany

“I felt a new sense of connection and perspective.”

“Trying out Clarity Breathwork with Sina was an amazing experience for me: It gave me a glimpse into a loving relationship with myself (my body, my emotions, my life), other people, and the whole world around me. I felt a new sense of connection and perspective. I’m really grateful for the journey so far and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!”

~ Lucia, Germany

“…together we were able to find a profound way forward for me…”

“Sina’s Clarity Breathwork sessions feel like such a safe and supportive container to experience this deep work and explore my inner world. After trying breathwork a few times with various other practitioners, I was coming up against some barriers that I felt were blocking me from having a deep healing experience. Sina’s openness and availability to support me have helped me to approach my relationship to this modality from a different angle. I feel blessed that her willingness to help me explore different perspectives really aligned with my willingness to try new ways and together we were able to find a profound way forward for me to continue with my healing journey.”

~ Hannah, Australia.

“…I have found something that helps me move forward!”

“Already the first group Clarity Breathwork session with Sina moved more in me than a whole year of psychotherapy. I didn’t know at the time that such states of consciousness could be achieved. It really feels as if the breath is making its way to hidden emotional worries and problems and dissolving them. I felt more liberated after each Breathwork session and after a long search I finally feel I have found something that helps me move forward! I can only advise everyone to try it for themselves. Sina = powerful medicine woman 😉”
~ M., Germany


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