Sophie is a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, having studied under Ashanna and Dana in Costa Rica and Ibiza. She has led workshops in London and Jersey, and in the Channel Islands. She is most interested in facilitating clients through one on one sessions in person or via Skype and developing a gradual and deeper connection with clients as they move through their personal transformation.

She brings patience, compassion and gentleness to her work and believes in the transformative power of Clarity Breathwork as a gentle and nurturing therapeutic tool.

Having discovered Clarity Breathwork during a time of personal difficulty, she has fully experienced the benefits of this amazing work to naturally support self healing and transform stuck energy. She truly believes in the ability of the body to heal itself, given the right tools and space and she looks forward to facilitating others to navigate through their own difficulties.

Sophie is a current student of Peter Levine’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing/ Trauma Healing program which further supports her Clarity Breathwork practice.

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