It is my deepest honor to share the gift of breath, healing and transformation with you, which I have received through Clarity Breathwork. Our breath is pure, unique medicine. It is sacred, and it provides us with a pathway back to love. Originally looking for deeper insight on yogic pranayama, Breathwork has found me in the most turbulent times. I was immediately drawn to this beautiful healing modality. I felt this calling right when I first met Clarity Breathwork co-founder Dana Dharma-Devi. Although having been on the spiritual path with Reiki, Yoga and other modalities for some years now, the profound depth and transformational power of Breathwork just blew me away. I started discovering old wounds that wanted to be acknowledged; old thoughts, false beliefs and unconscious patterns that wanted to be released. And I breathed my way back to connecting with my soul consciousness, revealing and showing myself in all my totality and authenticity. Breathwork has taught me and is still teaching me how to be perfectly imperfect, and how to embrace all of my humanity and divinity in humility.

I believe most of us need to reconnect with source and have the desire to awaken, to return to innocence, our truth and to feel the bliss that we truly are. It would be my pleasure to walk this path with you to provide guidance and hold sacred and safe space for you. I can support you in doing the healing work and in transforming your life situation, so you can fully shine your light and live your truth. If you feel called to embark on the most transformative journey and let your breath breathe and guide you, I’m here for you offering private sessions Online or in person in Hamburg/Germany, breathwork group sessions and ceremonies (in German and English). With so much love and gratitude.

I’m a Level 5 Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition and also for Yin Yoga. I also hold a PhD in Economics with many years of experience in academic research and teaching as well as in the corporate world. While my homeport has been Hamburg in Germany for almost 20 years now, my life path kept guiding me to travel and to live abroad in several countries, such as Spain, Ireland, South Korea, the US, India, Nepal and the Southeast Asian Countries.

Client Testimonials

“Consider it a true gift if you get the opportunity to work with Stefanie.”

“Stefanie is one of the most amazing women I have met. She embodies the divine feminine in all its beauty and authenticity. She has a very gentle and compassionate way of working and has took me on a journey where I felt totally safe to be all of myself. Consider it a true gift if you get the opportunity to work with her.”

~ Lisa Grezo

“The way you work with me and face my issues is extraordinary.”

“First I would like to say thank you that you gave me the opportunity to do Clarity Breathwork with you. The way you work with me and face my issues is extraordinary. From the start when we did breathwork together up to now it was and is still a wonderful and magical journey for me. I never experienced such intense feelings in my life than a have during the sessions with you. With every session I feel like my mind, body and soul is cleansed a little bit more. Well, it was not just a little bit, I made huge steps. Feeling, habits and thoughts that I did not like get smaller, positive energy got more and more. The wondeful part of Breathwork is that the positive changes did not disappear yet. Breathwork touches my inner self and that is such a wonderful thing. Thank you again and I hope you will touch a lot of people with your work.”

~ Daniel Ringer from Germany

“Stefanie facilitates a setting that gives courage to feel what is there.”

“With Clarity Breathwork I can get away from thinking and through my body into feeling. The breath shows me blockages in my body that lead me to suppressed emotions. By allowing this body awareness without mental evaluation, the previously hidden emotions are given space, are allowed to be and can flow. Afterwards I feel liberated, true and whole.
Stefanie facilitates a setting that gives courage to feel what is there. She is gentle and powerful at the same time. She carries the group through the process, but leaves enough space for everyone to go deep inside themselves. Although it is online, there is always an atmosphere of being supported and connected.”

~ Mareike Schröder from Germany


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