Stephanie Roberts is the founder of Breath of Aquarius, specializing in anxiety, high sensitivity, and trauma release through conscious connected breathing. Through the power of the breath, she guides her clients to go within and connect to their innate wisdom, improving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

On a journey to find healing in her own life she found that embodiment practices and somatic experiences, both of which focus on sensations in the body to integrate stress and trauma, had profound effects on her well-being when nothing else worked. She uses her certifications in Breathwork, yoga, and detoxification to educate her clients in holistic lifestyle practices and empowers them to find their unique path to wellness by tuning into the body and living in balance with the rhythms of nature.

Client Testimonials

“I felt so safe and held.”

“I did a Clarity Breathwork session with Stephanie and felt immediate results with my stress and anxiety. Her voice was smooth and calming, which helped me stay calm and comfortable throughout the entire session. I felt so safe and held. I also loved how easy she was to work with and how accommodating she was in working with my schedule. I look forward to continuing to work with her regularly. I highly recommend this practice with her!”

~ Allyson, Ft. Myers, FL


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