I completed the Clarity Breathwork training in 1995. My passion as a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner comes from the desire to serve others and from my own experience of breathwork as a profound path to healing and integration. Each breathwork session is a co-creation, where I support your stated goals as well as your innate capacity to access what is most needed and most meaningful to explore at any given moment. The intention is always to meet whatever arises in a way that feels safe to you and allows greater freedom and more self-love.

Besides the practice of Clarity Breathwork, I have many years of experience in 12-step recovery; somatic inquiry through movement and dance; and spiritual practices of devotion, service, gratitude, and presence. I hold a B.A. in Speech and Hearing from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am also writer and co-director for Leave Your Shoes at the Door, a documentary about conscious dance and the healing power of movement.

I am available for in-person or virtual sessions, and invite you to reach out to me for more information.

Client Testimonials

“…an hour and a half of Sudha moves mountains for me”

“First off, my experience with Sudha was profound and while I don’t want to over-estimate the effects of my experience, it feels potentially life changing for me. Being in an altered state appears to have enabled me to receive something very important on a heart and soul level. That important something was the message of “I have a right to be here.” It is my mantra and as I wake up each morning I feel those words greeting me with no effort on my part, it is as though the universe is telling me that. I think because my birth experience was so dramatic — having nearly died inside of a mother whose heart had stopped — I came into this world wondering if I really should be here, and that has guided my life ever since. In the safety of Sudha’s space, with her love and skillful guidance, she brought me to a place where I have hope that I can move through life differently.

Hopefully I can shed the need to constantly apologize, get rid of the sense I can take up no space and let go of tip toeing around others. It will really be something if after years of therapy not touching this stuff, an hour and a half of Sudha moves mountains for me :).”

~ JB, Nurse Practitioner


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