As a psychotherapist with 22 years experience, working from a Spiritual Perspective, I believe each person’s journey is to connect with their soul, the true essence of who they are.

The modalities I use are effective and efficient, as they release negativity and trauma at the cellular level, where they reside in the body. These modalities include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Re-Imprinting, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and most recently, one of the most effective, Clarity Breathwork.

Client Testimonials

“What a powerful and profound experience each session becomes.”

“Susan Bickel is an awesome therapist who has made a huge difference in my life. Recently she has coached me in several sessions of Clarity Breathwork and I am looking forward to more. I really appreciate the session summary emails she sends afterwards. What a powerful and profound experience each session becomes. I find parts of myself that I’ve been hiding from myself and others for years. I’m calmer, more peaceful, more authentic, and I laugh more! This practice enriches my life! I highly recommend sessions of Clarity Breathwork with Susan!”

~ LE


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