I found Clarity Breathwork through a series of divinely timed interactions that my kids lovingly call “going down my rabbit hole of curiosity. I dove into breathwork headfirst as I do most things-with the fierce passion of a seeker. As an Intentional Living Coach I was eager to offer more to my clients, but I wasn’t expecting personal transformation.

In 2019, I turned 50 and the universe woke me up with a “smack down” cocktail by the name of breast cancer that was blended with an enormous relationship shift and a few other challenging mixers. My heart was hurting and I had been shutting it out for a long time. I continued my journey of living with intention and healing my body. I meditated, completed Yoga Teacher Training, and was already a Reiki Level II Practitioner and they are wonderful modalities. But it wasn’t until I surrendered to the breath, allowing myself to slow down & BE rather than DO MORE that there was a shift. The mind clutter and carefully concealed pain began to fall away, to create space for healing, inner clarity, & joy.

Clarity Breathwork has been transformational in opening my heart. The power of the breath has been a sage guide on my profound journey back to self.

I’m a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Intentional Living Coach, Yoga teacher, and Reiki Level II Practitioner. This experience allows me to intuitively blend together different modalities to create a space of safety and personal discovery.

I offer 1:1 and group sessions as well as retreats both in person & online. I invite you to reach to me for a Discovery Intention Session. Cultivating transformation one breath at a time.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Suzanne was an amazing journey back to self! She helped me break through barriers that had been holding me back.”

“Suzanne is insightful, deliberate, and proactive. In short, she asks all the right questions. She listens and then challenges you to find creative ways to get unstuck. This has helped me enormously in finding the tools needed to put my intentions into action.”

~ Sharon Rula Backos

“She makes doing the work enjoyable and rewarding”

“Suzanne is a true advocate for attainable well-being. She helps you discover unique solutions to navigate the every day and the tough calls. Her approach is relatable, open, and nurturing. My life significantly improved after a short amount of time working with Suzanne. I can’t recommend her enough. She makes doing the work enjoyable and rewarding. Suzanne is a source of strength, grit, and light. ”

~ With gratitude, R. Hughes 

“She helped me make great strides…”

“Suzanne really changed the way I work and interact with the members of my team. She helped me make great strides in my attempts to delegate tasks to my trusted colleagues. She provided the activation energy I needed to develop a proactive plan for my team to take on some of the responsibilities that left me feeling overcommitted in the past. She also helped me to establish a self-care routine that has made me a better mom, wife, and colleague.”

~ Stefany, Maine


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