For the last 20 years I have sought resolution to my PTSD and Anxiety disorder. I tried what felt like every healing modality under the Sun. My first experience with Clarity Breathwork was in Costa Rica at a retreat, within 15 minutes I understood the healing power of the breath. After completing 10 days of Breathwork, I was able to come off the pharmaceuticals (with the support of my Doctor) that were “managing” my mind. I had lightened my pain body by releasing many of the traumas that had been residing in my body. I heard the calling to guide others through their own healing. I left my decades long career as a Kindergarten teacher, giving thanks for the patience, compassion, the ability to hold space, and a limitless supply of love, all gifts the children had given me. I bring all of those gifts and so much love to my practice. I look forward to holding space for you on your path to personal freedom and liberation. Blessed Be.

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