Dr. Xian started practicing breathing exercises back in High School, in preparation for examinations. In her twenties she established her own marketing company, bringing meditative awareness of breath into local communities and entrepreneurship. Dr. Xian got involved with Clarity Breathwork in 2010. She experiences the work as deep, clearing and balancing. In her approach, breathwork can be interwoven with energy work, chakra clearing, and meditation as well as healing from personal or collective trauma. She loves working with children and parents.

Several years of dedicated monastic life and 30 years of personal yoga and meditation practices are embodied in her being. She has gone through an intense personal journey of emotional purification, transcendence and numerous trainings with several well-known teachers such as Mata Amritanandamayi Ma (Amma), His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gabrielle Roth, Mahamandaleshvara Swami Veda Bharati, Patty and Paul Richards, Doreen Virtue, Gangaji and Adhyashanti, to name a few. She is a licensed minister and certified in several fields including being knowledgeable in the wisdom of the ancient texts of India, expressive arts, dance, transformational coaching and dream studies. Dr. Xian trains practitioners in Multi-Dimensional Perception in line with Pleiadian Lightwork.

Dr. Xian’s essence is love and silence expressed through her being. She truly enjoys guiding others on their path of transformation into their essence and full potential. She enjoys uplifting healers into their mission.

Dr. Xian’s specialty is the integration of all her studies and experiences. She guides clients and peers in her integrated approach of the caring sacred feminine with sincere masculine dedication and commitment.


Dropping into the ocean of myself
By tipping my shoulders under a water stream
Tip-tapping left to right, right to left
Exploring the gentle path at last.

How long have I waited
To allow myself this, being soft, being slow, starting small
Jumping from tree to tree, swimming miles over miles in the ocean
Afraid to jump and dive in deep.

It started with a river stream
Following curiosity, leaving behind the mind
Adventurer takes over
The heart becoming the leader.

A new being born.

All fear lost
So easy and still not sure if this is to take for real
Dive, allow, swim, dive again it whispers.


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